22nd April – Easter Monday – no classes

24th to 28th April – ITF World Championships, Germany

13th May – Grading night (results announced in class on Wednesday 15th May)

18th May – USMA Junior Tournament, St Andrews Primary School, Clarinda, VIC

8th & 9th June – ITF Taekwon-Do (Aust) National Championships, Sydney, NSW

10th June – Queens Birthday public holiday: No classes on this day

6th July – USMA Junior Tournament, St Andrews Primary School, Clarinda, VIC

10th August – USMA Junior Tournament, St Andrews Primary School, Clarinda, VIC

17th & 18th August – ITF Taekwon-Do (Aust) Black Belt Seminar, Venue - TBC

28th & 29th September – Queensland Championships

12th October – USMA Challenge, St Andrews Primary School, Clarinda, VIC

4th November – Melbourne Cup Eve: No classes on this day

16th December – Final class of the year

18th December – End of year celebrations

International Instructors Course

31st July - 2nd August, 2015

On behalf of Master Daher and the Instructors of the International Taekwon-Do Federation - Australia we are truly honored to invite you to the Interational Instructors Course (IIC), to be held on the Gold Coast, Australia, 31st July - 2nd August, 2015.

International Instructors courses were established by General Choi Hong Hi to teach the art of Taekwon-Do ITF to instructors across the world with the aim of standardising and improving fundamental technique and knowledge of ITF instructors. Since the passing of General Choi the ITF created the ITF Technical Committee to continue the legacy of our founder and to standardise ITF Taekwon-Do technique across the globe. The ITF Technical and instruction committee travel around the world continuously teaching and improving the level of our Instructors and Masters.


The committee is chaired by Grandmaster Marano from Argentina and currently comprises Grand Master Ung Kim Lan from Germany and Master Paul McPhail from New Zealand as members.

We are honoured with Special Guest ITF President, Grand Master Trajtenberg attending this event.

The IIC will be the promotional launchof the 2018 World Cup, hosted by Australia and to be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

The course consists of the following elements :-

  • the 24 Patterns (Chon-Ji to Tong-Il)

  • Step Sparring

  • Free Sparring

  • Self defence

  • Fundamental Movements

  • Kids Program overiew

  • Moral Culture and Do

Il Shim Melbourne achieves fanstastic results at United ITF Championships

Il Shim Melbourne achieved fantastic results on Saturday the 20th of March at the United ITF Championships. 

Results were:-


Jack Harper - Gold Sparring

Anna Harper - Silver Patterns

Phoenix Groom - Bronze Patterns

Brandon Harper - Silver Patterns

Edward Collins - Silver Sparring and Silver Patterns

Il Shim Taekwon-Do Melbourne
goes outside the Dojang

Mr and Mrs Harper have enjoyed taking Taekwon-Do outside of the traditional dojang these past few weeks!

Mrs Harper was invited to Keysborough College to run sessions for their Year 10 students during Pathways Week. Capably assisted by students from amongst the ranks of our WTF friends, Mrs Harper was able to introduce the students to a variety of kicking techniques, hand techniques, as well as some basic Korean terminology. The students did well in acquiring some new skills in a condensed timeframe!

Mr and Mrs Harper were then introduced to an enthusiastic group of drawing students from the Latrobe College of Art and Design. Students were immersed in a discussion of the history of Taekwon-do, and encouraged to find links between the discipline, practice and challenges of Taekwon-do, and those in Drawing. The students were given demonstrations in both patterns and free-sparring, as well as the art of breaking boards. Using the demonstrations for inspiration, the students then unleashed their creativity onto canvas in a frenzied drawing "round robin"! 
It was certainly very different to any other TKD lesson we have taught, but definitely one of the most enjoyable!

A huge thank you to Latrobe College's Honor Bradbeer and Keysborough College's Melissa Naganivatu and Lynda Portelli for the opportunities to share the Art of Taekwon-do with your students!

December Masterclass a huge success

On Saturday the 14th of December, Grand Master Michael Daher conducted a fantastic Masterclass full of sparring drills for our Il Shim Melbourne class. The students loved the dynamic movements that will help them in their sparring in the future. 

Mr Paul Harper, successful Grading for 6th Degree

We are very pleased to announce that Mr Harper has been successful in his grading for 6th Degree.  The grading was held on the Gold Coast on the 24th of October and was conducted by Master Michael Daher 8th Degree. The grading was conducted over the course of 7 hours and although Mr Harper was spent by the end he was succesful in his pursuit of the 6th Degree Black Belt.  

Please see the gallery at the bottom of this page for photos of the day.

Mrs Harper grades to 4th Degree and Mr Brandon Harper to 2nd Degree

On Saturday the 3rd of December, Mrs Michelle Harper successfully graded to 4th Degree. Mrs Harper performed faultlessly on the day and delivered a fantastic effort to achieve her 4th Degree. 

Also grading on the day was Mr Brandon Harper who earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt after a great effort where he left everything on the floor.

Photos are opposite this story.

Il Shim Melbourne has a packed Calendar of Events for 2019!


Photos from our 10th Birthday Celebrations
Photos from Mr Harpers 6th Degree Grading